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Hi everyone....just want to stick in my own 2 cents .... Treat, not to treat ... this is all a personal decision. I personally envy everyone with a choice . I personally find all the case studies, news articles, explanations and the like extremely confusing. If I ask my doctors (have three) they don't even know. Statistics are really all we have right now.

I was diagnosed in 1999 (blood transfusion in 1979) that I have hep c. Was a stage 3 at that point, waiited 1.5 yrs then treated. Not a 2-log drop at 24 weeks and was taken off, but VL did go down quite a bit. Just had another bx in October - am Stage 4 on one scale & Stage 6 on another, full cirrhosis AND REALLY DO NOT HAVE MANY OPTIONS LEFT.

So, for me ONLY, had I known way back when I was stage 0, 1 or even 2 - I would have treated without a bat of an eyelash. I would give my right arm to be able to have that choice now. Additionally, I have insulin diabetes, thyroid disease and fatty liver. All complications from HCV. My problem is that I found out too far out in the game. Yes, these drugs are hard to take .... but your life is much more important. I didn't ask for this and neither did all of you. Don't let your choices slip by ....

Good luck to all!!!

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