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Hi, :)
the very first thing is, that we are all different, and the reaction on tx as well. I can tell you my experiences. I was on Interferon (3 times a week) and Pegasys, therefore I can compare.

Sides by Pegasys were MUCH LOWER! I felt tired, sometimes headache, but I was able to work all the time. From my point of view, sides by Pegasys are not comparable with sides by plain Interferon.

Usually the sides at the beginning are worse than later. That was my case as well.

Which day of week is the best for injection? I choose friday. Saturday and sunday I felt not very good, monday was better etc. I choose friday, because I like to make trips throuhgh the weekend. Interferon must be kept cool (under 8 C), and that makes the travelling complicated.

You will have to learn how to handle the side effects. Try to observe, what helps you, and what not. Probably you will feel tired, fatigue, etc. Learn youreslf to rest. When I was on Pegasys, I used to sleep 9 hours a day! But have found that sleep helps me.

Another important thing is water. You should drink a lot! 3 liters a day or more! Water, juice, etc. No alcohol (of course!), no coffee, no Cola.
And no smoking!

There are many web sites, where you can learn the DOs and DONTs.

Well, therapy is a long run. But you can win only if you fight.
Thats the life.
I wish you good luck!


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