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[QUOTE=India-Ink21]:eek: I posted this on 2 other sites, but just wanted to get the opinion from some folks here. My husband has been diagnosed with HVC two weeks ago. I got tested on Thursday & am petrified that I've contracted it also. I'm scared because I'm the one with the medical insurance & steady job so I can't be sick. I never shot up, had transfusions, etc, but have used his razors occasionally in the past. His Infection Control doctor said the virus only lives a few hours when it hits a surface, but I hear contrary opinions. Also I've corresponded on forums with several people who have used their spouses razors before they knew they had it & tested clean. I'm bugging because of this. I read the story on this board about one of the gal's doctor telling her she got it from her husband because of sex or razors & that using razors doubles her chances of getting it. That in itself scared the crap out of me. Any positive input would be appreciated. Thanks, India.[/QUOTE]

I don't know of any study of transmission by razor that would support even vaguely a statement as exact as that it would "double the chance" of transmission between partners. We caution against using any instrument that might carry blood, such as razors or toothbrushes, but the only convincing evidence of transmission from bloody objects (rather than blood itself) are tatoo needles. These, of course, penetrate the skin over and over, and are dipped in inks that may have pools of viurs from many carriers, and so on.

For what its worth, I have had hep c for over four decades, have been married twice, raised seven kids, including five daughters, all spouses and kids borrowed razors like crazy (especially since for years we didn't know any better) and none have contracted hep from me. So, if it can happen, it doesn't happen easily.

I'd relax, in other words.


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