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[QUOTE=glen76]I have had hep c for quite some time now. The uncomfortableness i am currently experiencing is beyond toleration. My urine has also been extremely dark and the fatigue is beyond me. All is i want to do is sleep. I am considering going to the hospital. Like i said the color of my urine has not been normal for a day or two now. If i were to go since i have never been hospitalized for hepatitis before, does any one know the conditions or if they will even accept me inpatient. Any advice will be greatly appreciated,
glen[/QUOTE] :wave: I just had to reply to you to give you hope. 30/35 years ago, I was in the same state as you...before they had a diagnoses for Hep C. I had Dark urine, a pulse near my liver which was my liver throwing off bile (but never jaundice) gallblader stopped functioning (very light stools) and so tired I could barely get out of bed. Many other symptoms too. No one could tell what was wrong with me. Then one doctor sent me to famous clinic in san diego. Immediately, I was taken off antibiotics from other doctors. I was told they were actually killing me. I slept for nearly two months, did not work, and no processed foods. I took herbs and vitimins and drank and ate only good foods. Whalla! I began to get better. My liver actually began to heal itself. My blood began to show continuous improvement. It took some time and it is such a slow process you barely realize you are well until one day you realize you are not sleeping quite as much as you use to, and you have more energy. I think it actually took two years of careful care of myself before I was back to my ole self. I'll never feel as I did in my teens, but life is liveable now, and I function a normal life. It can happen with Hep C. Rest and good foods are vital to healing the liver. Oh, and I have always drank coffee 2 or 3 cups a day. Don't get discourage with time. It takes time to heal the liver. If you listen to your body, sleep when it says sleep etc. you will get better. I wish you the best, and I hope this gives you hope.

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