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Hi Thankbey, downsletmedown, Judi, and Triplet

I want to thank you for your replies. Yeah I was just really upset finding out about all of this, I will read up on the disease and follow my doctors orders. I go soon to have the blood work done and see my doctor again in July. I am having my son tested on the 13th. I just pray my son does not have the hep C, but from what I have already read it is like a 4-5% chance.

I do not know yet what geno type or viral load. I know my doctor gave me the orders to have my blood drawn and checked off lots of different tests and he is also doing a urinalysis.

Judy you mentioned a liver friendly diet????? Are there certain foods that we should avoid???? well besides alcohol. What is a liver friendly diet??????? I do eat healthy and take vitamins, but please let me know if there is a liver friendly diet or if there are foods I should be avoiding.

Thank you for reminding me I wanted to ask my doctor about getting the immunizations for hep A & B.

Everyone take care,

Talk to you later.


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