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Nice to meet you Susie,

I was only diagnosed last October and still felt the fear from your post as my own feelings not to long ago...I am 49 female, what my GI and I could figure I have had it for over 30 years.

It is true that you will live a long time with this virus, it is a slow moving virus and if the Dr said your liver isn't enlarge is something that should ease your mine RIGHT NOW. My GI also told me the 1st time I saw him that my liver wasn't enlarged. I didn't realize it until I started to do my research on this virus.

I have 4 children and after my PCP told me that my children could have it too it just made me more stressed. I had my two youngest tested first and they were non reactive. My oldest son has always been a blood donor because of his blood type so I knew he was ok. My oldest daughter and I talked about all of the research regarding if she would have it and she decided to wait to test because she is in College and working part time. Later she will test when a better treatment comes on the market that is less harmful.

I do want to add that it is important to have a biopsy so you can truly know what condition your liver is in. Then make sure you get a copy of it. In fact get copies of all of your lab results. I even went and got the copies of my younger children’s non reactive results because to see it was to believe it.

Since I was diagnosed last October I have lowered my liver enzymes to normal range just with a liver friendly diet and a vitamin regiment. I have also lessened the stress in my life; stress is harmful to your liver. I am lucky because my biopsy is between grade 1-2 & stage 1-2 so I can wait to see if all the lifestyle changes are making a difference.


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