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Hi Sandy,

Yes, this grading system looks different from what we usually see here. However, only minimal piecemeal necrosis means earlier stages of fibrosis, and not being able to rule out bridging fibrosis ( a later stage) is worrisome but not the same as finding bridging, and prominently.

So, it looks like two things: first, you have moderate fibrosis, according to this non-medical non-expert who learned most of what he knows about biopsies from a Boy Scout manual, and second, you should get your doc to explain this to you in English, and if possible, in the stage/grade system most commonly used in the States (usually graded from 0 to 4), if only so your friends in similar condition (us, for example) will know what the heck you are talking about.

It does not sound like advanced fibrosis (not nearly cirrhosis, to answer the question everyone always worries about), but it does sound like some fibrosis has begun for sure. How long do you think you've been infected?


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