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Here is what it said was out of range on my Fibrosure test the liver biopsy alternative as well as the rest of my lab work. I appreciate any & all comments.
The doctor basically just said you need to treat but acted like my lab work was basically ok no cirrhosis. Obviously I can see what is out of range although I am not exactly sure what some of it means or if I really need to treat now or if I can hold off a while longer.
Many of you wanted to see how the Fibrosure results would look since it is a fairly new test so here they are.
I have tried scanning my lab sheets & canít make them look right it just scatters everything all over the page when I copy & paste so for now Iím just posting the out of range stuff. ? Whatís the trick to scanning & being able to post it.
I tried PDF & many other ways but canít get it to work right.

Tests done: HCV Fibrosure, CBC with differential / platelet; Comp. Metabolic Panel 14; Lipid Panel; Prothrombin Time (PT); AFP, Serum, Tumor Marker; PTT, Activated: TSH:

Out of range results from above tests:

On the Fibrosure test my Fibrosis score was 0.26 High Ref. range 0.00 - 0.21
My Fibrosis stage FO - F1
Fibrosis scoring scale used:
0.00 - 0.21 no fibrosis
0.21 - 0.27 stage FO - F1 - This is where mine was
0.27 - 0.31 stage F1 - portal fibrosis
0.31 - 0.48 stage F1 - F2
0.48 - 0.58 stage F2 - bridging fibrosis with few septa
0.58 - 0.72 stage F3 - bridging fibrosis with many septa
0.72 - 0.74 stage F3 - F4
0.74 Cirrhosis

My Necroinflammatory Activity Score 0.53 High Ref. Range 0.00 - 0.17
Necroinflammatory Activity Scoring Scale used:
0.00 - 0.17 - grade AO no activity
0.17 - 0.29 - grade AO -A1
0.29 - 0.36 - grade A1 minimal activity
0.36 - 0.52 -grade A1 -A2
0.52 - 0.60 - grade A2 moderate activity This is where mine was
0.60 - 0.63 - grade A2 - A3
0.63 - grade A3 severe activity

My Ast ( SGOT ) - 64 High Ref. Range 0 -40

My Alt ( SGPT ) - 97 High Ref. Range 0 -40

My INR 1.2 - Low Ref Range 2.0 - 3.5
I am not sure what INR is this is what it says:
INR reference interval applies to patients on anticoagulant therapy. Suggested INR therapeutic range for oral anticoagulant therapy: ( Stabilized anticoagulated patients )
Routine Therapy: 2.0 -3.0
Recurrent Myocardial Infarction or Mechanical Prosthetic Values: 2.5 - 3.5
I have not a clue what any of that means except mine is low ?
I take no blood pressure medicine or blood thinners ?

My Prothrombin Time 13.3 High sec Ref. Range 8.8 - 13.0
I am not sure what the above means ?

Nuclear Medicine Liver - Spleen Scan Findings:
Normal respiratory excursion of the liver and spleen are demonstrated. Uptake in the liver and spleen is homogeneous. There are no focal defects in either the liver or spleen. There is no shunting of the colloid to the spleen or bone marrow.
Impression : Normal Liver Spleen Scan.

Abdominal Sonogram Findings:
The liver is normal in size & appearance, without mass or cysts. Flow in the portal vein is towards the liver. There are no dilated bile ducts. The proximal common hepatic duct measures 3mm. The gallbladder is normal without gallstones. There are three tiny shadowing calculi in each kidney. These are scattered in the kidneys.
No hydronephrosis was seen and there are no renal masses or cysts. The pancreas, spleen, & aorta are normal. There are no abnormal fluid collections in the abdomen.
IMPRESSION: Tiny bilateral renal calculi - kidney stones

Too many other things to mention unless I can figure out how to scan them but they were all in normal ranges.

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