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Sean Please Help...
Jul 27, 2004
Hi there..!
How are u ? I am a Store person in Australia Sydney.
I want to knwo if there are no sores or lesions in my mouth, UNLIKE ALMOST EVERYONE HAS LITTLE CUTS in THEIR MOUTHS and they do get some little blood from their mouth while Brushing the teeth in morning,but being unsure abt the female but she had no visible blood on the lips and and i couldnot see any sort of bleeding gums with the naked eyes..but thas for sure that i had no bleeding gums or teeth or any sores.. so i want to knwo that FOR TRANSMISSION TO OCCUR both parties need to have sores or lesions or bleeding gums in mouth.. IN CASE OF OPEN MOUTH KISSING
BUT I M NOT SURE WETHER SOME BITTING ON LIPS WAS TAKEN PLACE... between US..and taking there was some bitting on lips..wether it is possible of transmission..

My question is regarding the risks of kissing.I BEG you to please share with me. even the SLIGHTEST knowledge about the questions i am asking below.
Anyways I have gone through a lot of websites and experts advice,regarding transmission of hiv through DEEP KISSING (SMOOCHING).But I am confused, because all the answers are MIXED.

*>Some say, transmission is possible through SMALL BUT VISIBLE cuts
*>Some say that transmission is possible EVEN through cuts which are INVISIBLE through a naked eye.
*>Some say that for the transmission to take place.....u need ONLY BIG VISIBLE cuts, since small cuts donot transmit as many virus as to cause an infection,(and also because there are enzymes present in mouth which kills the virus).
*>whereas some say that its only theorotical ...and cannot happen practically (since there are no cases of infection through kissing).

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