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Ok I got hep C and B about 8 years ago..

and I became a chronic carrier...of both I believe...

well... I never got treatment and I had high liver enzymes for a LONG time.. it took about 6 years for my liver to go back to normal levels.. but they have been normal from then on and are totally fine now..

Well I went back to a specialist about a year ago just to check up .. and they did extended test on my liver...

they tested the 'viral load' in my blood...

and these are the results

'hep C viral load was undetectable (you have been exposed to hep C in the past but you have fought this virus off successfully on your own). No treatment is recommened.

Hep B you have chronic quiescent hep B with an UNDETECTABLE. viral load. This kind of hep b requires no treatment. However in very rare instances hep b can be reactivated. stay away from drugs and alcohol. Any change in your liver ezymes should promt your doctor to refer you back to a hepatologist.'

I shortened it.. but that the jist..

So What I am assuming if you have no viral load in your blood stream then that must mean that ... its GONE right>???

I never got to talk to the doctor again.. and I have no insurance now..So I can't go ask now...

But, I mean it's like my body succesfully fought off both viruses and now I'm cured?? it just took my body like 6-7 years to get rid of it???


What I am really trying to ask is... Now that there is no viral load in my blood stream for either virus.. am I or am I NOT contagious???

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