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Ok I got hep C and B about 8 years ago..

and I became a chronic carrier...of both I believe...

well... I never got treatment and I had high liver enzymes for a LONG time.. it took about 6 years for my liver to go back to normal levels.. but they have been normal from then on and are totally fine now..

Well I went back to a specialist about a year ago just to check up .. and they did extended test on my liver...

they tested the 'viral load' in my blood...

and these are the results

'hep C viral load was undetectable (you have been exposed to hep C in the past but you have fought this virus off successfully on your own). No treatment is recommened.

Hep B you have chronic quiescent hep B with an UNDETECTABLE. viral load. This kind of hep b requires no treatment. However in very rare instances hep b can be reactivated. stay away from drugs and alcohol. Any change in your liver ezymes should promt your doctor to refer you back to a hepatologist.'

I shortened it.. but that the jist..

So What I am assuming if you have no viral load in your blood stream then that must mean that ... its GONE right>???

I never got to talk to the doctor again.. and I have no insurance now..So I can't go ask now...

But, I mean it's like my body succesfully fought off both viruses and now I'm cured?? it just took my body like 6-7 years to get rid of it???


Well, it seems to be a play of words.
First: I am not a doc. But as far as I understand it, you should obey the recommendations you have got. The question "Am I cured?" is not so trivial.


Hep C is pretty tricky. If your viral load is UNDETECTABLE, it means just that with the used method, no virus was found (the treshold is usually about 50 viruses in mililiter of blood). If a patient after the treatement is UNDETECTABLE for 6 months, it is called SVR (sustained viral response). That is, it is highly probable, that there is NO virus in the body, but there is no way how to check it. That is the reason, why the word "cured" is not used. But usually, people having viral load undetectable for more than 6 months are undetectable for ever (let's say 99%).

Spontaneous eradication of CHRONIC Hep C after 6 years is really rare, so you are really lucky guy!

Hep B I donť know so close (I've got only Hep C), but it might be similar.

The important question is "Am I contagious still?"
I think you are not contagious in a common sense. But for the above given reason, the is some rest risk, and you should not be a blood donor etc. But in the "normal life" (including sex) I think you are safe.

Anyway, you shoud get tested regularly (once a year) - just to be sure.


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