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[QUOTE=LostMind]I was tested for HEP C last week.
I get screened every other year because my hubby is Hep C positive. I asked for the screen.
My doctor is a gastroenterologist (sp) and ordered a anti hvc blood test. The hospital didnt know how to do it so they called his office and they changed the test to a screen instead? Nice lab huh !
IS there a difference and will the screen detect an exposure like the antibody test? Either way I just want to make sure I dont have it.
Any help is much appreciated.

I am not sure what you mean when you draw a distinction between an anti-hcv blood test (by which I think you mean what I'd call an hcv antibody test) on the one hand, and a "screen" on the other. Usually an antibody test would be used to see if you had been exposed to hep c, that is, whether you had ever had hep c virus. This is what most of us would call "screening" for hcv. So it might be that the hospital did the right thing, after all. But this would NOT involve ALT.

An ALT test, usually combined with an AST test, often called a liver panel, measures the levels of two liver enzymes that are commonly elevated if the liver is stressed or diseased--by anything, not just a virus. It may be a valuable test in many circumstances, but it is not a screen for hcv. In fact, hep c is one of the few liver conditions for which the liver panel tests are least useful, because the numbers can go up or down without clear connection to hep c's activity or the person's health.

I'd suggest further talks with doctor or lab, or both. Some info is scrambled somewhere.

By the way, I can't imagine a hospital in this day and age that does not know how to test for hep c. I sure would not use that emergency room!


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