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I found out about mine when i went to the doctor because i was totally exhausted all the time,they took blood,enz. high,,my first bio was in 2002 then i was stage 2-3,i did the treatment, which by the way was horrible,i was given the highest dose they had,so i got all the body aches,headaches,blurred vision,alot of depression,,lost half my hair and got big sores at the injection sites.which the dr said he had never seen before. i had my second biopsy last year and i had already progressed to stage 4 with inflamation at stage 3.the fluid pills do help some,my legs and ankles arent quite as bad as they were,and yes my hands and face swell too.I dont know what to expect next and thats kind of scary.Its hard to talk to any of my family,my hubby acts like it doesnt exsist, and the rest just dont want to talk about it. Thats why i love my job,it keeps my mind busy.they are really good to me there,they let me sit any time i need to.
Did you do the treatment? Did it help you at all? have you any confusion yet?
i thought i was getting alhiemer(sp) i couldnt remember how to double a recipe.thought i was going to work the wrong sounds funny now but it was scarey at the time.
no im not on oxygen yet,i do have 3 different inhalers i have to do.
well im running away at the mouth here,its just so good to talk to someone.
i hope you all the best and if ya wanna talk any time,,im here.

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