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Hi Deb,
I'm grade IV stage III ( biopsy from 2002 ). Hepc, genotype 2b. I found out from a weird rash on my right shin. Did the pegintron w/ rebetol chasers in 2003. Beat it , but had other complications come up. Anxiety, depression, isomnia, hypothyroidism, eye problems and skin manifestations. I'm now becoming concerned because my ankles are swelling daily now . Do your hands and tummy swell as well? Recently, my face and eyes are swollen when I wake. Do your fluid pills help? I cut back on salt and I find that if I dont eat or drink after 6 or 7 pm the night before , the swelling isn't so bad the next morn. I've started taking milk thistle and I've noticed that I have somewhat more energy. I tried a B complex and they definatly gave my more energy. TOO MUCH!I was making myself exhausted because I couldn't sit down. :> 8 hrs on your feet must be very hard. Can you elevate your legs a few minutes every hour or so? Have you tried support hose? Are you on oxygen for the emphysema? I was surprised by the results of my liver biopsy, cirrhosis is truly a hideous (sp?) disease. I had no idea my liver was in the shape it was. How about you? How did you find out etc. , if I may ask.The only advice I can give is to eat right , drink lots of water, and treat the syptoms as best as you can. Hope this helps. There are many going thru the same as you , you are definatly NOT alone.

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