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Hi Margaret,
No i have never cleared the virus,so it seems i just did all that for nothing.
so basically they are just monitoring me now.they do blood work every 2 weeks to make sure my potassium isnt going out of the roof with all the fluid pills.i think they want to do another biopsy and check for cancer,cause some test come back aft or something like all gets confusing sometimes.
im happy to hear you came back clear,did you have any damage to your liver?fibrosis?Oh heck i just read back and you did say you were stage 3 sorry,my memory not so good,,dont know if it illness or age lol.Some people ask me why im still working,i guess they dont understand,if i quit what would i do,,sit home and wait.geez this thing eats away at my head enough as it is.I'm gonna work as long as i often will you be tested now? I wouldnt let it go too long, esp if your symptoms increase. have you had an endoscopy done? were the results good?
well margaret it is great talking to you and look forward to hearing from you again.Have a Great Day
hi jesse,
i have known about the hep C for about 6 years now.My biopsy showed i was in 2-3 stage fibrosis before treatment.I did the treatment for 12 months or so.
I still came back positive for the hepc.I had another biopsy and showed i was stage 4 chirrosis. When i was a teenager i did what most teenagers did in the 70's,but i had not had a drink in the last 15 years.As with any disease, everybody reacts different.I am 1a which is very hard to being 3e,you have a better chance of the treatment being a success. my hep c is progressing rather rapidly,,or i should say is causing liver damage rapidly.I think the symptoms are about the same with most people.The fatigue.retaining fluids,but it could take years or just months,or maybe not at all.I would say that the fatigue started for me about 2 years ago,now i have the fluid in my legs,feet and abdomin.along with confusion and memory loss.But this is not something you should about now.with no damage to your liver,,you will live many many years.let me see if i can explain the geno types to you. Geno type is like ,say a tempature except 1 being the worse. then there is 1a 1b 2 2a 2b 3 3a 3b not sure how far the numbers go,but yours would be like a 99 degree temp.Im not saying you shouldnt be concerned (it is your health),because we all are.And it is great that you are researching your disease.there is alot of sites that can real helpful,and some that show a pic of a disease liver and what hep does.I dont know if this has been any help to you,but I do hope you treatment goes well for you and your hubby,and you both comeback clear.
Good Luck,

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