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Her liver is too far gone with both diseases attacking it for so long. She has known for about 7 years now. No insurance, too young for state assistance and no kids under the age of 18. She now has assistance. At the time she found out though nobody would cover her. It was a lose lose situation. Really sucks. You know there are so many people scared of AIDS and have no clue about hep. c. It's really sad. They had her on a morphine patch but it wasn't helping with her pain. She has gotten used to most of it but her leg cramps are getting worse. She was also on anti-depressants. She took herself off of those. Her doctor is mad at her because she has a drink a day. That is another reason why he don't care. She is just so miserable though. She has her ups and downs. It's hard on me to see her where she is. She is 54 years old and I'm only 25. So, most of what I say about her drinking goes in one ear and out the other!! lol!! I'm just a baby to her.

I'm not sure how long you've had it. It sounds like you are still in early stages compared to her. I hope you are enjoying your life. Life is so precious. We all take it for granted. Get the most out of your life though before you get so miserable and don't want anyone to be around you!! She likes people to be around her! :) She just has those days! I would too. Keep your spirits up! Take care of yourself! ;)

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