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People with cirrhosis can lead a normal life, within the limits of the fatigue and symptoms. Everything you describe is fairly typical of what one would expect. The fact that she was able to treat indicates that her cirrhosis is not so advanced as to warrant a liver transplant. That is very good news. She is likely under the care of a specialist as well. Also good news.

But, obviously, if she cannot work she is affected by liver disease that is debilitating and she must take care to manage a chronic liver disease. It doesn't mean she is on death's door. People can live a long time and manage liver disease quite well if they take good care of themselves and work with their doctor.

You can do a lot of research on the website below my name on a number of topics related to hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Specifically chck out the blog for a great explaination of the stages of cirrhosis (Resources) Also check out past posts in the archives of this site. There is a lot of information from a number of sources. What will apply and not apply to your b/f's mother I can't guess so if you have a relationship with her (or want to have one) you might begin to ask her how she is and to show an interest in her so that she opens up to you. Unless she has already told you about the hepatitis C, I am not sure I would advise you to bring it up in casual converation. That should be her call.

Do know this, people who have liver disease do not look sick even when they are quite sick or feeling poorly. Some people do not feel unwell at all and some feel very unwell. It all seems to vary from person to person. It is part of the disease and it is mystifying. So, assume she is tired and offer her help at family gatherings and such. Be considerate and helpful.

You cannot contract hepatitis C from eating the same utensils, being in the same room, hugging, kissing or pretty much any other normal and customary way you would have interaction with someone in a social or household setting.

Depending on how old your boyfriend is, he should be tested just in case he may have been exposed at birth. Mother to child transmission can happen though it is not common.

I hope this helps,


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