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I had the "best" liver specialist/gastrologist in Houston myself when I still had health insurance with my job, yet he barely gave me the time of day when I would complain about my extreme pain, etc. He gave me drugs to help. Unfortunately he told me I'd be in perfect shape after the tx. NOT! By 3 months after tx I was still in traumatic pain, with other health problems I did not have before tx, but didn't have any ins anymore & there was no way I could go back to work either. I can not believe they don't have an after-care after 2 long yrs of being on tx. I was a lost pup in the woods & had to sign up for the free-ish clinic we have here & that's how I have to deal with my health which is incredibly under staffed & months of waiting to see drs & them not having the proper medical treatment for me to recover. It took 6 months before I could even see a dr there!
Anyway, I am 47 now & the past 5 , going on 6 yrs , have been like living in a torchure chamber body. Did you have a liver biopsy? That's what they did with me in the beginning to find that I had barely stage 1 & at the same time I had to have my gall bladder taken out due to a huge gallstone. I was weak to begin with when I started my tx directly after my surgery. Grrr. Anyway a liver biopsy alone is easy to do & you can find out what stage you are in. Also look up sites on the internet that will give you info on the natural cures for hepc. I wish I would've known that! But I was stupid & trusted my dr as he was the "best" . I am so happy you didn't go on the tx & I was just a guinea pig at the time & now there may be easier tx's now. As long as you know what stage you're in & keep getting blood tests to watch your #'s hopefully you will be fine & if one day the stages goes up, there hopefully will be new tx's in the future, but I do know of people that went the natural way and are doing fine.I just wish I had been given the option. Yes the dr's drug company's & the government make a bundle from these treatments so I know all this now & feel like the only thing I can do now is to warn people what happened to me. I'm so glad they posted my letter, because a lot of sites wouldn't because they said it would scare people from going on the tx....Well duh! That is exactly what I was trying to do, so what happened to me wouldn't happen to other people. Good Luck to you and all of us!

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