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I'm well aware of what the end stages of liver failure of even liver cancer might possibly hold in store for me and it is scary. I'm not a fool. I can't say I look foreward to it happening but this is the decision I've made and will live or die with the consequences of my decision as the case may be. I'm ok with it and there won't be anybody to blame but myself if it was the wrong one to make.

But today is a good day and I'm enjoying myself.

Hi P,

That last line says it all. George Burns used to say, "Any day you wake up, go to get out of bed and both feet hit the floor, that's a good day." We are happy to be alive and active. Staying tuned in to that keeps us sane (and maybe, on some of these good days, happy.)

As to eventual consequences, you may already know that it is much more likely that you will never get truly sick from hep c than that you will. It is a serious virus 'cause for the 20 to 25 percent (depending on which study you look at) who get sick, they can get very sick--cirrhosis, etc. But for most of us, we are likely to go through our entire lives without notable symptoms or even much deterioration in liver function.

This is not said to disrespect the risk--it is real and must be faced honestly. But it is just as real that most of us will, as Thanbey always says, die with hep c rather than die of hep c. And, just as important, for most of us it will not affect our quality of life in any major way--at least not for decades. For those whose luck is worse, we must all work like heck to help them, and to prevent spread of the virus. But for many, the news is not dire, and we need not hang it over our own heads like a sword.

Maybe you already know this. I hope so. At any rate, I admire your attitude, and applaud you for it.



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