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[QUOTE=Linga713]I just want to warn about interferon, pegentron combos, have disabled thousands & it is very harmful. My experience was I had barely a stage 1 hepc & 1 yr on interferon combo which only made me very sick & my #'s didn't change at all. The 2nd yr I was put on Pegintron combo & by the end of that yr the #'s went down to normal but for the last 3 yrs since I finished treatment I have major rhuematoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, I feel like an open wound, & I had to quit working & it took me 3 yrs to get disability. Medicare is useless & I have to go to the free clinics which do not give me the medical help I need. I have been living as recluse & I would do anything to go back 5 yrs & deal with the hepC in a natural way & just watch my liver. My life as I knew it was destroyed by the treatment because I was very healthy & worked constantly as a professional artist. I have to wear brace supports on my hands, feet, back & elbows. I also after the treatment have hypo-thyroid. I would have rather died than to live this way. I am just warning yall , so you know what you may be in for. Luckily some people were ok after treatment, but I am amongst thousands that weren't. Our voice needs to be heard. And most likely they won't post this message because there is so much money to be made with these deadly treatments. Let's see if this gets posted. If not,then I will know this health board is rigged so those of us that got damaged is being kept a secret.[/QUOTE]
So sorry to hear you did the treatment thing. I have told people over and over, but no one seems to listen. I am 60 years old. I have had Hep C since I was in my late teens almost early twenties. Of course then, there wasn't a name for it. But the condition was there. Finally in later years the doctors called me and gave it a name. Anyway, For about 2 years of my life I was so sick, the team of medical doctors at a well know research clinic thought perhaps I could die. My liver was throwing off bile so fast you could hear it. I was 80 pounds at 5 ft. 3", my skin paste white, and I looked like death with all the symptoms. My hair was falling out, my skin was sooo dry, I would bleed forever if cut, the whites of my eyes were yello, and big bouls came on my face and stomack. My gallbladder stopped working completely, but I would not let them remove it knowing it would be well when I was well. There was terrible pain in my spleen AND MUCH MORE.. But one doctor convinced me to to never ever again take foriegn substances into my body, not even an aspirine, eat good foods and I was given a formula of herbs. I have taken herbs all these years, no alcohole, or drugs, and most important, I sleep each night until my body awakes on it's own. That's the key to healing, when most healing of the liver happens, when you are sleeping. The liver [B]can [/B] heal itself. For the past nearly 40 years or so, they still say I have a high enzyme count about 90, but I have more energy than my 36 year old daughter. There are alot of conditions that can cause a high enzym count. This alone does not mean you have Hep C. I truly believe I must be healed and the enzyme count is for whatever reason??? I am rarely ill, and I lead a normal active life. The kicker is, most people think I am in my forties. Over the years all doctors tell me, whatever I am doing, keep doing it. They have told me I am the healthiest patient they have ever seen with Hep C. Please everyone, NO foriegn substances into your body regardlees who pre-scribes. They will make your liver work harder to fight off what you put in. The liver needs all it's strengthto fight the hep C. Untill there is actuall a cure, please just feed your body good food and learn about herbs. This is Gods natual healing powers he gave to us. I am living proof. Please believe me when I say I was near death at one time. I know how to heal Hep C but most in the medical field think they know more than me. No one knows better than someone who has lived with Hep C and whose found a way to cure themself. I challenge any physician to say I am wrong about a patient should sleep until the body awakes on it's own and no foriegn substance such as aspiren, antibiotics (unless necessary), no ani-inflamitory drugs ETC. This is poison to a patient with Hep-C. Poison to the liver as I would guess so are the treatments that ARE NOT A CURE!!!!!!! There is no absolute cure. Those who take the treatment, take it for hope, not for a cure. I repeat! THERE IS NO CURE in the treatments, Only agony! [U]What you do not want to do is..destroy your immune system with so called treatment.[/U] Your liver needs all the immune system to do it's job. Start puting faith and hope in God given remendies and you will still be healthy at 60 as I am. I have all my body parts and they are working well today. I am healthy and I would let any physician check me out if they do not believe what I say. I have proof from many doctors at the well know research clinic in San Diego. NO FOREIGN SUBSTANCES, SLEEP UNTIL YOUR BODY AWAKES ON IT,S OWN (work a night job as I did if you have too), AND CHECK OUT A GOOD NATURAL HERB FOMULA. Healing the liver does not happen over night, but if you do as I did, one day you will wake up and realize you [B]ARE [/B] improving slowly. Sometimes healing is such a slow process, we don't actually realize when we are better after being ill for so long. But one day you will. Good Luck to all and God Bless

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