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We got a call today from the doctor’s office that my mothers GP referred her to for further testing. She has Hep C and they want to start her on treatment ASAP, though they set her next visit for Sep. 12.

My mother was asking a few questions while on the phone, after the call we spoke about it, she said she wanted to cry but she said she was in a state of shock.

My mother has a bit of Medical training behind her but never completed it so she knows what she is looking at, me on the other hand I don't, I have read some of the basics and plan to educate myself on HCV.

I know the basic answer to my question is Yes, I should be scared for my mother, for she could die from this. My fear is that it may be sooner than later. While on the phone to the doctors office, my mother was told that they wanted to put some sort of peg for this medication they wanted her to start taking. They did not give all the details on the phone of course but she did say that interferon and/ or ribavirin may be giving to her.

[B]In my past experience with people I have known that have had to have pegs,ports or shunts put in for Cancer & other non HCV illnesses, they all died with 6 months to a year. So this is the part that I am worried by at the moment.[/B]

My mother has not given me much to work on for one I she dose not have all the details yet of how bad off she is and two she dose not want to worry me.
My mother says it is possible that my grandmother passed it onto her at birth or from a blood transfusion she had in 1986.

I know the Doctors office told her it was Genotype 1b and some other number that is 3 million. I do not know what the 3 Million stands for but it dose not sound good to me.

Is a port into the body normal for a person with HCV or is it an extreme last effort kind of thing?

Is there a link or webiste that details what Genotype 1b is?

[email][email protected][/email]

Two updates made - I was thinking port but it is a peg & added type b to Genotype 1b
You're so sweet to worry about your mom. But I think you are misunderstanding. The medicine they give to hepatitis patients is pegylated (peg) interferon and ribavirin. The Peg is an injection and the ribavirin is a capsule. There is no port or anything like that.

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