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[QUOTE=JJKoala]Hi. I am a 36 year old married mother of three, diagnosed with non-A, non-B hepatitis, changed to HepC dx when it was discovered soon after. I had surgery in the mid eighties, but also have tattoos and used IV drugs years ago, so don't know which way I got it. My husband has Hep C and B and I am about to find out if I have contracted Hep B or not. Meanwhile, I had raised ALFs last blood test (first time in all these years). I have been a heavy smoker and binge drinker always, though I am now an ex-smoker (six months). I have been doing a lot of reading and am now scared it may be too late for us. We have decided never to drink again and to attempt Tx, but are very worried. For one thing, what about looking after the kids- wont we be too sick?! Also, I am a student and am meant to be starting full-time Uni doing a Behavioural Science degree starting next year- will the Tx stop me being able to study!? Lastly, my husband has a severe history of agoraphobia, depression and anxiety which has never responded to meds- can he still go onto the Tx?. I am confused and very worried. We have no family support & left behind all our 'friends' over 5 years ago when we got away from all the 'bad influences'- so we're alone. I feel I must cope with the kids and school and stuff but I also know I need treatment. How bad are the symptoms likely to be? Any advice would be great.
PS- We are also starting a daily work-out plan and will change our diets drastically starting in the morning with a whole new kind of weekly shopping...
I am scared, but hopeful...ANY advice would be appreciated...
It depends on what stage yall are in. I think there is a new treatment now since I had to go on 1 yr of the Interferon combo for a yr & then Pegentron combo for a yr. I was only at stage 0-1 & if I had had known the damage the tx would do to me I wouldn't have done it. The tx caused me so many other health problems that I am disabled now at age 47. I started my tx going on 6 yrs ago & here it is 4 yrs later & I continue in constant dibilitating pain as a recluse, whereas before tx I was very active, & healthy. I learned now that being barely at stage 1, it wasn't necessary for me to be on tx at all! I don't drink, I now smoke again, whereas I had quit before, & now I have to take a hand full of meds which are the least powerful as they wanted me to go on morphine & oxycontine. NO Way Jose' to that. I dabbled in some drugs when I was younger, but never Iv drugs. I don't have tatoos , just pierced ears. The only way I think I could've gotten it was from a blood transfusion in the '80's before blood was tested back then.
If yall are only at stage 1 or less, don't do it & look up natural ways to help you control the hepc & also help your liver. As long as you don't smoke or drink, I think yall could live a very productive life. Unlike me, where after 2 yrs of this horrible treatment which only gets worse the longer you have to do it, worse than chemo for cancer, I ended up disabled and the majority of my 40's have been on disability. This is my story though, & you should just go by your instincts. I just feel like now it's my duty to tell people what happened to me & tell you what could happen. Remember I was very active & healthy before treatment, & now all I look forward to is dying, not from my liver because it's in remission, but because of now living in a torchure chamber body.
Best of luck to yall.

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