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[QUOTE=jessy28] And it is even more scary to think that I might not get to see my son get married and have children of his own or worse, not even get to guide him through high school. It is just scary. It makes me sad to even think of that reality. I am not even 30 yet. My liver is in really good shape right now. I did the biopsy and it was not painful. It was fine. No big deal. It hurt afterwards that day but that was all. My results made me feel much better. They were barely any scarring stage 1 fibrosis looking good. I felt relieved. My husband just finished treatments and i am about to start. I have gen 3e. we will see how that goes. His went well and he responded perfectly to the tx. Now the biggy is the blood test for him in six months. and then further out to make sure the virus stays gone. I am going to go for it. I don't want someone else to raise my son. I don't want him to be left with no parents in his 20's or younger or maybe older. I don't want that. I will give this tx a try. I will pray and see what happens. It is worth a try and if at any point i don't feel like it is so worth the try anymore i will stop. good luck with the baby and all. it is so much fun right now. how old are you?[/QUOTE]

Your continued posting about dying of hepatitis C is causing me great distress and frustration.

It is utter nonsense. There is a 98% percent chance that you will live a long and healthy life and die of something else if you do not treat your hepatitis C. Only 2% of those with hepatitis C actually die of the disease. And NO ONE dies of the disease in the first 35-45 year or so unless they smoke, drink alcohol and do not take care of their own health.

Preventing damage to your liver includes taking steps to controll the factors that you can control (no alcohol, smoking, and management of healthy nutritious food choices) whether or not you treat with the interferon.

I am not invested in whether you treat or not. That is up to you. However, lots of people here have invested a lot of time in countering your inaccuracies about this and you continue to post it anyway as though it is fact. It isn't. I can't tell whether there is a need to retain some drama around this or whether you don't believe what is being said here. If you don't why do you keep asking us for input? It is not helpful to others to insist that you will die without treatment or that you will not be around to raise your son. It's rubbish, pure and simple!

I am very glad your baby's tests came out well. That is what we all expected. Same with your biopsy. Great result and even more reason to carefully consider whether treatment is right for you.

You are not dying of hepC and you never will die of hepC if you get your act together on the lifestyle issues. You will live to see your son and your grandsons grow up.


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