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Re: I need help!!!
Apr 29, 2006
I am brand new to this type of board so please bare with me here. Thanby, question for ya. How bad according to MRI's was your liver and what shape is it in now? I'll give you the quick n dirty on my story which is DX in 98. Biopsy in 99. THyroid gland removed due to immune problems as it does not run in the family at all. HCV induced I presume. Anyway, my biopsy in 99 was stage 0 grade 1, piecmeal necrosis. I've been sick as a dog on and off for 10 years. I never folded and went on the interferon as I just new it was wrong for me and why do it if my liver is in suck great condition. I had another biopsy last yr I guess it was and I am stage 4/4 cirrhosis. I drank only a little all this time. I was told by the first doc that did the biopsy it was ok. I don't think I really consumed more than about 2 drinks a month. That should not cause this drastic change and the doctors agree. But they want to do a liver transplant now and say I can't even do interferon and my kidneys are in stage 2 beacuse of HCV. Couldn't be becase of the mistreated thyroid condition? Or, the 60mgs of diuretics I was on? I don't trust any of them and have taken care of myself all this time. Today I do alot more than I use too bur they keep trying to scare me into a transplant. My blood work is not very pretty. The last ultra sound I had the lady had 31 yrs experience and said my liver looked better than most people that came in for something else! I was like what? She said what did they tell you that you had? I said, end stage liver disease and I hvae a yr to live. She said she was embarrased to work in that hospital with the stories she has heard. I have been tested to death. My local liver doctor fired me the other day cuz I hadn't gotten the Vacinnes for Hep A,B and others as required for pre transplant. Oh ya, and no colonosopy yet either. I just turned 50 last yr. They didn't even give me the year and my Mom died and son got divorced and mover back in and I could go on but I won't. Anyway, need a course of action. I know all about ALA, mild thistle and the various things that you take and that's why I am wondering I just feel I need stronger ammo. SO I wanted to know how bad your liver was? I itch alot. I can work like the old me, like a dog but then have to sleep for days to re-coop. My hair is 80% gone and skin is the pits. I belive lots of symptoms are thyroid related and the liver being compromised as to processing the drugs. No gland so totally reliant on meds. MAkes it hard. I guess I am still making at least one more trip to the hospital to get on the list just in case I am not as smart as the average bear but I refuse to spend however much time I DO have at a hospital. THose people aren't exactly friendly at least not the ones I deal with. SOunds like you really hit on something good. I just wish I had some direction other than my own. A good chinese doc or something. Keep up the good work and be well.

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