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No reputable doctor is going to tell you that any alcohol at all is okay for a cirrhotic liver. I am on a transplant list and the number one rule is NO ALCOHOL- not even in cooking food.

Maybe it is okay for folks with HepC but here is my cautionary tale. I have had HepC for 25 years and was under doc's care all that time. Repeatedly refused treatment. Had seven liver biopsies. The last was in 2002 - it showed minimal stage 2 damage. In the late fall of 2004, I developed out of control ascites. The very first indication I had developed cirrhoisis. I literally had no warning signs at all. I had never missed a single day of work or actually felt that I really had any serious symptoms from the HepC.

I was told in one sentence that I had cirrhosis and needed a transplant. Thank God I had not had a drink here and there all those years. You just never really know what is going on in your liver or what causes chronic HepC to decide one day to switch to aggressive, acute HepC. I am living (thank God) proof of that.

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