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I was diagnosed with non-A non-B Hepatitis in 1988. It was not called Hepatitis C until a few years later. By 1990 I heard of a Research Study going on with an experimental drug (not yet passed by FDA at that time) called INTERFERON. Was interviewed, qualified as a candidate and became a participant in the Study. The Gastro-enterologist running the Study was great! I stayed on the Interferon injections, 3 times per wk for 9 years. Learned to give the injections to myself; office visits were required once monthy for bloodwork to check liver enzymes. Side effects were mimimal; like queazy stomach and bad headaches after each injection, but would only last for 6 or 7 hrs. Queazy stomachs stopped completely after 6 months, but headaches continued for the few hours after shots. By 1999 (11 yrs later) the dr. had started combining Interferon with Ribaviron and my liver enzymes were finally back to normal and have remained so ever since. I get tested 3 times yearly and they are always normal. I am not cured, I know, but the Hep C virus has been in remission for several years now, and I've not taken any Interferon since '99. My prayer is that the virus will remain INACTIVE. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, very little meat.

[U]My health background: [/U] [U][U]never smoked, never drank alcohol, never [/U]did[/U] [U]drugs. [/U] BUT, I was in the hospital and received multiple blood transfusions in the early 70's before blood was ever tested for Hep C. The Dr. believes that's where I picked up the virus, and it remained INACTIVE for 15 years in my blood, later becoming ACTIVE. The liver bi-opsy which was done at the start of the Research Study, actually showed that cirrhosis had already begun in my liver. Keep in mind, -- I do not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs. I am so thankful that now Interferon is available to all

I highly recommend a person to see a Gastro-enterologist as early in the disease diagnosis as possible.

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