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Re: Hep C/ Kambucha
Jul 30, 2006
[QUOTE=Lavendar]My husband has Hep C 1A with liver damage, stage 3-4 fibrosis (bridging) with some cirrhosis. His VA doctor told him his liver was too bad to start treatment and said that the only thing left would be a transplant a little way down the road. That was about a year ago and since then he has felt fairly well, taking Lactulose and blood pressure meds and watching his diet. He was told recently about Kambucha, a yeast/bacteria culture made with tea. Has anyone ever heard of this helping ? I think he should ask his doctor before he takes anything but sometimes doctors don't even like patients taking milk thistle so I don't know if he would be open to trying alternatives.
Any suggestions? I'd appreciate any comments.

My suggestion would be to get a second, quite independent, opinion right away. stage 3 0r 4 fibrosis with 'some' cirrhosis is definitely NOT too far gone for treatment. Pegasys in particular has shown real results in the research, with patients further along than this. I am not a big advocate of interferon, have been ducking it myself for some time, but your husband seems an obvious candidate for it. He is also an obvious candidate for NOT getting a place on the transplant wait list, since he is not very sick, so I don't know how real that option can be for him--at the least it means waiting (and hoping) to get much sicker to qualify and move up the list.

Further, although I am not much impressed with kambucha, to think your docs would discourage even milk thistle is not great news either. Milk thistle, or its more purtified forms of sylimarin and lecithin-bound silibin, is no cure all by any means, but is one of the only alternative treatments for liver problems with any supporting research at all (mostly from NON viral studies, I should point out), and has almost no side effects to speak of.

But the question of alternatives aside, your husband's case cries out for another review, by a doc who treats hep c, and who is not connected in any way with the docs youve had til now.

my opinion only, of course.


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