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Hi Nojo,

Hope you're feeling okay these days. It's such a shock when we first find out. I didn't find out until I had already birthed three children, breastfed and shared razors, toothbrushes, etc... with all of them. They all tested negative. I was scared to death in the beginning until I found this sight and Thanbey who really put my mind at ease.

I am a 52 year old female, have had it Hep C since 1979, genotype 1a and my VL was 4,670,000 which floored me. I had the biopsy four years ago and I came back without any damage at all. I encourage you to get one too and keep copies of all of your tests.

Before I knew I had hep C I was getting a pedicure and was cut pretty badly by the nail tech. The entire foot spa was filled with blood. That has bothered me ever since I was diagnosed because I wonder how many people I could have infected. I know it's not my fault, but I also know that they filled that foot spa up again and used it on someone else, as well as the brushes, manicure tools etc...Another thought I've always had is how unsterile the dentists used to be. I remember finding out that they actually were recycling the water that you spit into the sink prior to the newer way. Another risk factor was when I was going to school to be a medical assistant in 1978-79 we were not careful with the needles. We actually reused them sometimes when we were practicing on each other. I can't count the times we stuck each other or ourselves.

I just figure that unless you had a blood transfusion or used IV drugs you might not ever have a clue as to how you contracted it. The good thing is that you are very young, which means lots of time for new or improved treatments and I'm sure that you are going to be just fine!

I wish you all the best,


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