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Hi D,

Not that I am the least bit expert, but most of these changes look minor indeed, and the general range of results is much better than many others I've seen (mine, just to name one random example).
I haven't seen alt or ast numbers like yours in ten years. and, i'd kill for that hematocrit result (I've developed pretty stark anemia since starting riba and ifn three weeks ago). The triglyceride number is also quite good, and many docs are coming to say that this number is at least as important, or more so, than the cholesterol numbers we've all learned to watch.

I wsa vaccinated for hep A and later found out that I had not antibodies to it, so this sort of thing happens. for hep b, i am under the impression that you can't expect much immunity from one round ofvaccination anyway. i believe this one has to be repeated.

Just one man's opinion, but I'd say that if you weren't worried about anything before, there is certainly nothing in these results to cause you to start worrying now.



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