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[QUOTE=erk;2785674]Hi jessy28,

Nope, I am not considering treatment. Having genotype 1A has influenced this decision, (a report from a major hospital in my area says they have only had a 10% success rate with the current treatments), along with the fact that after 40 years of infection I am only at stage 2.

The way I look at it is that no one lives forever and if my liver continues to breakdown at its current rate I will not die from hepatitis. I am scheduled for another biopsy next spring and, perhaps, if my liver has changed significantly (e.g. from stage 2 to stage 3) I will reconsider this decision.

Now, if some of these new thearapies that are on the horizon prove to be more effective against 1A type hepatitis maybe I will give it a try regardless of what my next biopsy shows.

I live pretty healthy eating well and taking several supplements that have shown to slow fibrosis also I get my blood checked every six months to monitor my liver and so far I am doing OK.

Frankly, I have no desire to go through a year of treatment losing weight, having trouble focusing, and feeling like I always have the flu.

So, do I worry? Well, yes I do. My latest emerging phobia is getting liver cancer but what can you do? My heptologist says that the chances of a hep C infected person getting liver cancer are pretty low. Like I said, this is just a phobia of mine.

So, as I said, nope, I have no desire or plans at this point to enter treatment. I will just keep living my life and hope for the best.


I like your attitude. I don't blame you a bit. I am four wks into tx. I only have to do 24 wks and have gen 3. I also contracted this when I was around 25yrs old and still don't have the healthiest living habits. I don't do drugs or anything anymore but I enjoy my drink a couple of times a wk and tend to eat not too bad but not the best either. I am a bartender at a upscale resturaunt/bar on the river so I get some exersize at work while getting worked to death but I don't actually exersize. I guess one of the reasons I decided to do it is the fact that I am young and pretty healthy, have a little boy, enjoy drinking a few times a wk, and have gen 3. It scares me to take my chances with out tx. I also smoke which is next on my list to quit. One thing at a time for me. This hep tx was the last thing on my clean up my life list to do. I am going to have to come up with a new to do list. It freaks me out that at the age of 45 or 50 I could be dealing with a possible liver transplant issue. You have gone a very long time and have been lucky. I know that because of the things I do like smoking I could be dealing with other horrible things but to actually know what is coming freaks me out. Good luck to you and supposedly there is some great meds coming out shortly that really work good for gen 1. That would be great. So far so good with my meds...I am tired and cranky and my body aches too but that is all so far and it is tolerable. I feel really good today. This too shall pass..

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