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:wave: [QUOTE=jace7;2911832]Does anyone have any advise on how to deal with Hep C? I'm following a strict diet & trying to be healty and im in the early stages and am waiting for my initial test to come back to see if i can flush it out of my system? I'm in a remote part of the country where there doesn't seem to be much support out there & I don't really know anyone else with the disease?? and I feel clueless & naive??? Is there anyone out there that can help or offer any information?? My test result was high positive...[/QUOTE]

Hi. Don't worry about the hep c. Go on with your life as usual. It seems like you are doing the right things already if you are on a diet. Staying healthy is the key to live a long long life with hep c. the disease is very slow in it's progression and if you are in the early stages I think you will be there for many years. Learn as much as you can about it. Obviously, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Exercise is wonderful... working out or just walking a few times a week or jogging. Don't be scared. I was diagnosed in 1993 and was so scared I was having panic attacks. As time passed, I educated myself on this disease and started taking the natural supplements that help the liver. One thing you can't do is flush it out of your system. If you have chronic hep c... you will have it forever unless you decide on treatment. Treatment works for many people and not for others. Just take care of yourself and hopefully you will not need treatment at least for a long long time.
Take care and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me.


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