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I'm a little further along now. I've had a normal result on an ultrasound and finally been able to speak to the consultant's secretary. She said that she'd ask him to send my results (now all in) to my GP, and ask if my appointment could be rescheduled. I've also complained to my MP (parliamentary representative). Unfortunately the only day I don't work until after end of office hours is Friday, and it seems that the hospital secretaries finish work lunchtime on Fridays too, but after leaving two answerphone messages and actually being able to speak to a real live person on Monday, I've been told that both my request for results and bringing my second appointment forward will be brought up. Trounle is, at this time of year most of the doctors are in vacation. The consultant was away for most of July, came back for a week, and is now away for another week, my family doctor is away for three weeks but will be back next week, so I plan to push there as well. Unfortunately the consultant comes back the day before I have an appointment with my own primary care doctor, so no chance of him getting results before I srr him next week.
I know that there's no way that anyone can tell the stage of liver disease from the tiny pointers this consultant had, and the normal ultrasound wipes out the cirrhosis I think he was thinking I had because of having normal LFTs. As for palmar erythema, I may have it or may not. I worked outdoors with my hands for years and they've been red in places for years as well, not just the palms but backs as well, plus a couple of fingers slightly flattened by a hammer.
I would ask to be referred to one of the big hospitals with a lot of expertise, but the nearest is in London, probably a costly 2 hour each way journey on public transport, which is expensive. No chance of taking a car there because of congestion charges and parking problems. Also, I don't know if I'd be able to make a journey that long if I do go on tx. Locally there are only gastro/liver people, so there isn't exactly much choice. Maybe one oprion would be to move to France for a couple of years?

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