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Hi Mab-
My hubby has Geno 1a and he has just begun Interferon (pegasys/ribivarin) for his HEpC. The literature quotes only a fairly depressing 50% cure rate, but that includes people who drop out, non-compliants, people too sick to continue, etc. Our doc put my hubby's chance at more like 70-80% but was cautious about doing so. Most US HCV patients are genotype 1a or b, but I don't know why.
He started treatment Friday the 13th (YES, I am superstitious) and felt a little tired all day Saturday and Sunday, but went to work today. We are just glad to finally be getting this out of the way. They'll test in 12 weeks to see if he responds, if so he continues for 36 more weeks. It is expensive--w/o insurance $2500 a month. Our ins. is ok and pays for about 60%. Wish I had a better answer, guess we'll have to wait and see. (oh, hubby had a liver transplant in Sept. of '06--HCV came roaring back--we'd hoped for a few years--only got a few months of feeling good-what a bummer)

Hope this helped---I think it's be better to go on it than to wait for a more compromised liver, evidently that makes a difference too.
Best to you-
Thanks Anie--
Yeah, I know the Tylenol in the Lortab is bad for the liver, but they have him on 1000 mgs of it for the aches--which he gets bad! I think a half of a 7.5 mg Lortab with only 250 mgs of Tylenol is much preferable to all that Tylenol which he said was pointless--didn't do a darn thing.
We know he has to be patient, but we are dealing with the worlds more impatient patient.... one doc, post-transplant told me to go home and count out 100 days from transplant and write in on a calendar. He said---"On that day, you will look at him and say "We did it!! And it was not that bad" I thought the guy was nuts, but I did it, and lo and behold, he was right. It taught me that I can do almost anything for 100 days--so we'll do this for 3-100 days. We understand quite well the pharmocology of the Interferon (2 doctors in the family) and do understand the Pegasys/Ribivirin combo. Doesn't make him any less sick. I am being excessively kind to my husband, as I always am. Trust me, we found out he had liver cancer at Christmas of '05, went thru the process of getting approved for a transplant, waited 9 months for the transplant (all the while knowing the cancer might kill him first) then the transplant, then the recovery (including a horrible hospital borne infection that almost killed him, post op)---and while this was going on our youngest daughter was dxed as manic-depressive & kept threatening suicide and only I was healthy enough to deal with her.....(I kept all of this from him)...then only 5 months of "healthy" hubby just to have the Hepc come back. All in all, I think I AM being pretty kind. Daughter has been hospitalized (while hubby was on vacation with his brother--I dealt with and smoothed over so he wouldn't have to deal with the drama)---trust me, I am making this as smooth as silk for him. He comes home from work and all he has to do is eat dinner and go to bed. No responsibilities, no work at home, no worries about money--I'm handling it all.
Sorry, I sound a bit defensive, but daughter is driving me up the wall and can't talk to hubby about her---he can't handle the drama.
Still & all it is good to know that he will acclimate to this medicine eventually. 48 weeks looms large and long!

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