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I also had Geno type 1 and I know they say its the most difficult to get rid of. During treatment, I did loose my hair (I have thick hair so I am blessed), but it did grow back. I also took a mild anti depressant (1/2 pill). I went to work every day which helped get my mind off how I was feeling. I remember sores in my mouth bothering me for a short time, and it wasn't until the last few months I started to really feel run down so I went out on disability for a few months. I did loose about 20 pounds because food just did not appeal to me. I was advised to eat plenty of vegies and fruits, but again, I found it difficult to eat. I did drink a lot of water, which is very important. I also did a lot of visualization, meaning that when I was on the medication, I used to visualize the meds attacking and killing the virus! It worked! I also think it is very important to put yourself around positive people and those who will support your mission. I wish you all the best! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Take Care[/QUOTE]

wow this sounds just like me except that I'm 2b genotype.
I'm almost 3 weeks done (after 24 weeks) and I still don't want to eat.How long have you been finished and when did you feel better? oops never mind-I read down further

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