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I was just wondering if anyone with geno 1a has undergone treatment and how did it go? I know it's the hardest to treat.

Thank you in advance for your response.


Hi MAB, I'm a Genotype 1A, Stage 3 Fibrosis, age 67, female, and have been doing txs eight weeks. My four week viral load blood work up showed the count had gone down. My doctor said they can tell more after my 12th week tests. I am stable, side affects some minor lightheadedness, chills after my shot (I sleep through the rest) I work and still do my normal things. There are other Genotype 1a posters that are doing ok who have been in treatment longer than I have. Yet the treatments affect everyone differently. Some have a lot of symptoms, some a few and others like me, minor irritated ones.

Yet, I took a while (2 years) before I finally decided to do the tx. Worried about the side affects, like you, which has, thus far, proven my fears over blown. It is up to you to decide on doing treatments (after you get all the facts from your doctor) it's your body. We only have one and I thought I'd better start taking care of it, so hopefully, I can live a better life and a longer one. I'm sure other heppers will post and give you more information. You've come to the right place for helpful information and real tx stories.

Good luck, and I'm sure you will do what you feel best for you. The final decision is yours. Joyce

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