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He was just tired--and due for a 5 year checkup on his HCV, so the cancer was a total shock. The fatigue was something we had just learned to deal with. A lot of the time he would just sleep a weekend away, esp if there wasn't anything interesting going on. He'd gone from mild fibrosis to end stage liver failure in 5 years, along with the cancer....and all he felt was tired..and depressed. But that was the protocol back then and so we can't blame the doctor, he was doing what was considerd the norm for the time. His "old" liver was huge, so he was compensating, and did so for the ten months it took to get the transplant. Primary Liver Cancer is extremely rare and I would not even be thinking that, if I were you. He did not have weight loss,no symptoms but the extreme fatigue, so we knew something was not right. Loooking back, he hasn't felt good for over 2 years--we live our lives around whether he feels well enough to do something or not. Just waiting now for the 12 week blood test to see if the Interferon is going to be an option for him. We're 7 weeks into it, He's super, super sick. Well, you know, you did it too, right?
I hope for the best for you.

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