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Do you know anyone in your local police department who you can talk to and may be able to help you? Do you have any family members near by? It's hard to convince someone who' "out of it" that they need to be in the hospital.
I was just thinking --if the local police or EMT's realize that he is non compos mentis-maybe they'd get him in the hospital--before YOU end up getting hurt.
no, i don't know anyone on the police force. the dr from hospital never even called me back. this sucks. he was denied disability again 2 weeks ago. he applied in 2005 and we have not received a penny from anyone... because i work. after today, he can not even be alone. don't know how i'm going to work. i really don't know what to do. i can't believe that no one would help me today. too tired to try anything else now, must try to sleep. my poor husband is all bruised up from falling. this a terrible thing for him to go through... for both of us. not even friends or family seem to want to help... they just say he brought it on himself. geeze. thank you for answering me. i have been searching the web trying to find out what i can do and i still don't know. at least he's not mean any more. Just pitiful. I thought I had educated myself enough to be ready for this... guess not. Good night.

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