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Jan 11, 2008
Found out I have hep c in october by a military physician my husband is in the military. They are calling it an std. everything I have read states hep c is not an std and they are treating me like I have no rites. I have and appt. in March with a specialist. Thats right 5 months to get an appointment with a specialist. I've been having severe migrains for many years and no one could tell me why. finally liver enzymes were quite high in the 500's a week later they were 99 no other testing has been ordered for hep c they are more worried about me getting tested for stds than anything else. To tell me the Dx was with a phone call the Dr's nurse called me and told me the news. haven't heard from the doctor since. couple weeks later the military public health called me and said I have an std and that the route of testing they want me to do. I am afraid to tell my husband because the way the military is lableing this my husband will think I'm cheating or something. I will loose everything my house family health care everything. I not sure how I contracted hepc. my mom was a heroin addict when I was born I was also a premie not sure if I had a trasfusion then had a trasfusion in 89 or so. Have many tats and piercings was young and thought they were cool then... I am 40 years old now. I'm scared I don't want to die because of stupidity when I was 15. I feel so helpless and just needed to vent thanks


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