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Good luck to you....are you stage four cirrhosis or stage four fibrosis? There is a big diffence. I would just say this...I have a friend on the transplant list for lungs and have had people on it for a sounds like you are living that is good but unless you have been alchol free among other things they won't even put you on that list. You are a very brave soul...I really envy you. I will say prayers but you sound so brave and at peace.
[QUOTE=deejaysteele;3418053]As for my outlook, I love life, I love my family, and I love my job, and # 1 I love and trust in the Good Lord Above! I keep feeling like one day, in my lifetime they will find that cure, and it will work for me. As for being concerned, yes, being a stage 4 cirrhosis concerns me, so I try my very best to do everything I possibly can to help my liver, not hurt it. I do not drink, never have, it's not a thing for me. I am a Christian, and a true Christian. And I know this has happened to me for a reason, and one day I will understand. All I want is to be knowledgeble of what is happening to my liver. how many stages are there before it is the end stage, what new things are out there that could be available to me, etc. I think my dr. knows his business, but I also think that sometimes they overlook maybe one little thing, that may have worked for me. So I am just putting questions out there, to help me, help myself. I appreciate you input. I wish you the very best! I keep reffering to "I have fought the good fight", and that is what i intend to do...but when my time has come, I will know I fought the good fight. Best Wishes[/QUOTE]
Hi DJ Steele
Has your doctor ever mentioned milk thistle which is an herb to help with liver function
My brother who had end stage chirosis from HepC and had been on it and myself for Lyme treatment antibiotics which can cause liver damage but I am doing well with that along with taking b-12 shots IV therapy antibiotics and several supplements
My husband had HepC four years ago and has fully recovered
My brother was not as fortunate but the physicians and medical cummunity at that period of time were not as knowledgable as now on how to treat this disease
My husband was on ribaflavin and interferon for 18 months
Positive thinking is really good for our overall health so it sounds like you have that under control A few prayers never hurt and I will say a few for you in these difficult times
Take care and keep us posted for any your needs and support
Take care

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