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I would appreciate it if someone could help explain my biopsy.

I'm Genotype 1A

Liver Needle Biopsy: Chronic Hepatitis C with mild lobular inflammation and focal mild portal fibrous

Comment: these histological features are typical of early stage Chronic Hepatitis C with mild inflammation and mild fibrosis. Fragmentation of the needle biopsy precludes accurate fibrosis assessment and I am concerned that the fibrosis may a little more advanced that I appreciate but there is no concern for bridging fibrosis or cirrhosis.


Specimen #1: Received in formalin labeled liver biopsy are two cores of tan-yellow soft tissue measuring up to 1 cm. in length. Entirely submitted in one cassette. D/T: SMF/jm: 07-15-05


Specimen #1: The needle biopsy of liver is in two major fragments with a total length of approximately 1 cm. Portions of four portal areas are identified, several of which are widened by lymphoid proliferation. Intralobular bile ducts are intact. Several portal regions have mild to moderate interface hepatitis. Plasma cells are not abundant in the portal regions. Within the lobule, there is a fairly normal cord pattern with scattered foci of mononuclear cell aggregates typical of mild hepatocellular necrosis. There is trace fatty change in a few fragments, and a few hepatocytes have open (so-called metabolic) nuclei. No stainable iron is noted and the control is appropriately positive. The trichrome stain reveals a few areas suspicious for portal fibrous expansion, but regenerative nodule formation is not noted. The PAS-diastase reveals no cytoplasmic globules within hepatocytes. The orcein stain in unremarkable and the control is appropriately posititve. PAS without diastase in noncontributory. The Knodell score: Periportal necrosis score3; Lobular inflammation score is 3; Portal inflammation score 3; Fibrosis score 1; Total score is 10. D/T: JRC/am: 7-18-05 TDC: OK


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