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Thanks for the info. I was actually to hoping to hear much of what you said.

Yes, I'm definately thinking of treatment. [b]Is the only downside to treatment the side effects?[/b] Right now, my outlook on this is that as long as the side effects dont kill me, bring'em on.

I was told that my liver is actually functioning well. It's taking care of everything that it needs to be taking care of. Raised enzyme levels are the only suspect situation going on with it but I am assuming that the fibrosis is causing the raised enzymes.

[quote]Although your viral load is high does not mean you are going to wake up one morning feeling like a Dragon fell on you, some never feel real ill effects
THAT is what I was hoping for. I dont know much about this disease and some information is really impossible to find on the net. My nights were getting pretty rough cause I was so paranoid that in the morning I was goona wake up yellow with a 103 degree fever eventhough I felt completely fine at the time.

I do have one more question about becoming sympomatic: If someone DOES wake up "feeling like a dragon fell" on them, is that sorta the point of no return? What I'm trying to ask is that if one ends up getting sick, is that it? All downhill, from there or can immediate treatment effectively reverse the condition? I'm under the impression that treatment is much more effective if it is used prior to showing any outward symptoms of the disease.

Sorry for asking so many questions. I've read so many old posts here. I've found alotta valuable information but some questions , which I am sure have been addressed here somewhere, seem to be harder to find thru the search function.

Thanks to all for you help. I hope no one gets sick of my questions. I have countless others but outta respect for the board I thought I'd ease into this slowly so as not to dominate the forum.

Merry Christmas all.


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