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Howdy Samwise-
First welcome to the board, and glad to see that you kicked the smoking, good [Great] for you, you will see if you have HCV, its seems that we feel twice as good as those that quit and do not, stands to reason I guess.
From My own research, I know that as we age we aquire natural scarring fibrosis, the new Pegasys treatment has been said to actualy help the fibrosis, as far as being reversed I do not think that all the scarred tissue can be eliminated, but with a little change in lifstyle, we can slow it down to where it would have no ill effect.
The way you treat your body has a dramatic effect on the way you are going to feel - yes- diet, exercise, -not smoking or drinking alcohol, etc, all have a huge part in those effects and do help to lower your viral load.
most situations when we are told that we have "some fibrosis" or a "little Fibrosis" means that we are usaly a stage 1 or stage 2 fibrosis at most, on the scale out of stage 1-4 fibrosis,which does not mean you will ever have cirhosis.

Although your viral load is high does not mean you are going to wake up one morning feeling like a Dragon fell on you, some never feel real ill effects other than a little fatique,if you have no symtoms it usally means you have lead a reasonably healthy lifstyle, even quiting smoking helps, I know when I found out that I had HCV and quit drinking alcohol my viral load dropped nearly in half, so anything you do to benefit your body is goling to help.
are you thinking of treatment?
Happy Holidays, Be Well +

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