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I recently tested positive for hep c. The test was part of a series of tests I took and not because of any symptoms. When it came back positive it was a surprise. Anyways my gastro recommended a Biopsy...and from that and this board I decided to do it. since my biopsy I have this sorness that comes and goes right where they shot the gun and took the tissue......never felt it before biopsy..this what my tests told me a couple of months ago: My Hep-c RNA level was 78,924, Transaminases were said to be elevated with SGOT of 43 and SGPT of 77
My biopsy results: Sections show core needle biopsies liver tissue with a moderately intense lymphocytic chronic inflammatory infiltrate, which is mainly centered around the portal areas. Some of the inflammatory cells involve the adjacent lobules. There is an area of capsular fibrous tissue at one end of a core.
Special stains reveal the following profile:
Iron stain - no increase in hepatic iron stores identified.
Reticulin stain: increase in periportal reticulin is present without significant distortion of the sinusoidal architecture.
Trichrome stain: Increased fibrous tissue is present in the periportal areas without bridging identified.
PAS stain: Highlights the periportal location of the majority of the inflammatory cells with scattered extension into lobules and rare necrotic hepatocytes
Liver, core needle biopsy: Chronic hepatitis C.
Grading – Portal/Periportal Activity 2/(0-4)
Lobular Activity 2/(0-4)
Grading score 4/(0-8)
Staging Fibrosis and cirrhosis
Staging score 1/(0-4)
Comments: grading and staging based on reference: reference: Scheuer PJ; J. Hepatology 1991;13:372-374 “classification of chronic viral hepititas: a need for reassessment
I am no expert but from what my doctor and Thanbey tell me my liver is in pretty decent shape.......So I can't figure where the soreness is coming from except from the Biopsy.....It's not bad..noticable though
...anyone else experience this before I head to my doctor ?

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