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Howdy folks-
Wellll, day four, just three hundred some odd days left, he he, anyway been keeping so busy I did not have a lot of time to reply or to post, so I just wanted to report the long list of side effects here so far-
Ok - yup there is none, but the list of good stuff, which I can not beleive there is good stuff, #1 my sense of smell is incredibly better, seeing about a side job at Correction Prison Services about hiring out as a bloodhound he he, boy if someone walks into the room that has ate good ole garlic, I smell them intensally, immediately, makes my eyes water, I just politely ask them to phone me, hehe.
#2 I feel so calm, its almost like when I used to smoke to much and had way to much coffee, not the jittery part, but the wide awake,good feeling.
#3 I can not remember when I have felt so good overall,its hard to explain, I noticed I get sore quicker when say- choping firewood, so I do not chop as much, lay down and watch the idiot box [TV]for a while,but seem to recover faster also.
#4 sleep like a baby, I used to wakeup several times during the night, but now will only wake up to use the washroom, because of drinking the 8-8oz glasses or more of water, which is very important.
#5 He he, people treat me better, because I gave everyone close, information on Pegasys and Ribivirin, side effects and everyone is expecting me to go "postal".

This list goes on, NOW!! -I am not so naive that I believe that this treatment is going to remain this good or easy, as my body accummalates the Pegasys/Ribavirin and builds within, symtoms will worsten, most will, from my research feel the worst effects, IF they are going to, see the worst around the sixth to tenth shots.

I WILL keep positive, I Will keep active, -which on tuesday at my Archery shop/lanes, I had my archery club shooting, which I take part of, I shoot a seventy pound pull bow, which is like lifting 70 lbs every shot, and shot around a hundred arrows, the more I shot the better I felt, and amasingally enough, the clearer my mind got, ? no explaination for it, but will continue to keep active.

I have asked everyone close to moniter my actions, temperment, and reactions, as I beleive that I will not be able to see any drastic changes in myself.

There has been only a slight more brainfog, not to the point of confusion, but have to concentrate a little harder, I noticed if overactive or around exaust fumes, I get a little shortness of breath now, only for a short bit and is not that noticable, but there.

So far my appetite, has not changed, I still eat like a horse without getting overweight, I now try, instead of the two larger meals I had, spread out to six smaller meals, I never ate much for breakfast before but now try to have a healthier breakfast as I have to take three Ribavirin pills with a meal first thing in the morning.
An interesting note- the Roche medical rep stated to make sure my meals before the Pegasys injection were NOT fat free meals, and with the ribavirin also make sure you have plenty ofprotein in your meals,if your a vegaterian replace the animal protein with a lot of vegatable protein, but animal proteins and fats respond with easier side effects.

Nothing has changed much, I even feel better, even my sex drive has not changed, I still am a "horn dog"
wink wink he he, practicing the double safe sex thing because of the Ribavirin.

The older and other interferon treatments had side effects that hit most people almost immediataly.

Be well+

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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