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Feb 7, 2003

Howdy folks -
Smoking,- now smoking while doing any treatment, is of course ridiculess, some Docs in this Pegasys programs may not even listen to you if you smoke and want to go on treatment.

I have noticed, when I am active that I have a slight shortness of breath,due to the Pegasys, but this also happens in most patients on treatment that were non smokers previously,
So smoking is not an option while on treatment, because of that and endless more health reasons.
I had asked my specialist about the patch, and was told that there has not been any bad symtoms from people that are on both the patch and treatments, other than normal symtoms from both alone.

The reason, I had disscused this is somtimes I still get an urge to light up, as with anyone that has quit, so I have a box of end program patches that I just did not bother to take.
The other day for some reason, that urge, that comes and usally dissapears in seconds and is forgotten, got me to thinking about the patch and treatment, so I put one on, -curiousity killing the cat syndrom.
It caused no side effects and actualy made me a little more energertic,

Now the reason I brought this up is because there are people out there thinking about treatment but still smoke and have to quit, in my opinion, quitting smoking with the patch,before treatment and being on treatment would be very easy, as treatment sides are much like nicotine withdrawels only greater, therefore logicaly you would not notice it, and your brain is going to tell you its the treatment.

I know of a couple of people that have not started treatment yet because they are having problems quitting, this may be the best option in cases like this, but as always disscus this fully with all Doc's involved before attemping, this is only food for thought.
Be well +

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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