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Howdy folks-
Week six already, thats half of 12, which is half of the big 24, which is half of the big, big 48, Hoooooya.

He he- did shot #6 last night watching Fear Factor again, he he one of the worst ones I have seen yet, thought in was approperiate to do the injection when those poor yahoos were getting their arms pierced with those Knitting needle sized needles, made my tiny needle look so insignificant, the wife was so intreiged with the show she did not even see me do mine, mind you she had her eyes closed, he he.

The cheese and maggots kind of got my stomach turned though, -not the maggots, we put those in our mouths to warm them up ice fishing, ha ha, it was that stinky cheese, nothin worse smelling in this world than stinkin cheese. euuuhh ok pass the pepto-bismo.

I am still hanging in there,not a whole pile of information to report, not so great for those looking for info, but wholly bunch good for me. Hehehe.

I have not had anything that one xtra Tylenol, still could not fix, minor aches and pains, brain fog, the type of brain fog that is not at all scary, it makes anything silly seem really silly, and makes me laugh a lot, mind you I always had a warped sence of humour, and the sillier things are, the harder I laugh. hehe.

The wife and I had a great weekend at that four star Hotel, everthing was taken care of, did not cost us a cent---or did it?, I spent nearly seven thousand on Archery supplies, he he Dooooohh!

I walked that hall from seven that morning, until five that evening, almost none stop on the feet, there where a lot of important big Archery companies there, with show specials we could not turn down, I was so pumped I forgot I was supposed to be weak and frail from treatment,he he.

I might have to quit my consulting career to support my hobby now, ahhh that would be a shame huh, actually do somthing everyday you love to do, what a concept.

Its minus 35 Celsius outside here right now, which is close to fourty below F, my back should be screaming,from my previous back surgery, but it feels great, a first in many years.

An interesting thing, another person I know has gotten a drug from Mexico, because it is not passed in north America yet, its called Zaxidan, and is taken it with Pegasys and Ribavirin, he had done a lot of research into this drug, he said it has taken away all of the treatment side effects, and his mind is clearer than it has been in years, very interesting as his side effects where pretty bad.

Well I know of others that are in the same timeline as I am with this Pegasys, some are starting to feel new, worse sides, some are not.
I am glad I did not undergo any anti-depression drugs, I beleive I am quite fine,in high spirts, and have not ripped anyones lips off yet, hehe--I just keep thinking I am in control of this treatment -This treatment is not in control of me.

Be Positive, Be Well All+

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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