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Here it is week 12 already. As I mentioned before I was part of a study group that was on a vitamin regiment every day for 6 weeks. Last week should have been the end but now they want to extend it 6 more weeks. That is ok with me. As they say anything for the cause if I helps. The only catch is a biopsy a couple of more weeks down the line. The first one wasnít pleasant but it is the only way of knowing what is really happening as we all know.

The results of the last viral load test were 28,000 ( HAY, HAY!!!!!)down from almost 400,000 when I started. My white blood cells have stabilized now for several weeks at 3 and seem to be holding their own now. When I got home my wife and I celebrated with a big bowl of Ice Cream with chocolate and whip cream. In the old days that would have been 4 fingers vodka salute. That news made my whole week and believe me it was not a good week work wise. One of those weeks when you canít wait for it to end. Next week has got to be better, I hope.

Any ways still on the vits and now they have added a couple more, zinc 440 mg a day, vit C 1000 mg a day and vit A that is measured a little different but it is 40,000 units a day. I have been off the Ribavirin for 2 weeks now because of a rash I broke out with again. This time on my back and man did it itch. That has cleared now and I go my monthly visit next week with my doc so we will see if he wants me to try again or what.

From a side effects stand point, life has been good. Basically non existent . Last week I may have over done it shoveling snow and doing some other stuff out side on Saturday and really felt like dog poo Saturday night, Sunday and Monday. Shot night is Friday evening after work by the way. Could have been a touch of the flu maybe. To the best of my knowledge I have felt no depression or anything like that, which I am aware of . My wife knows what to look for and she hasnít said anything so I guess all is well there I feel fine. One thing I have noticed is a slight shortness of breath and feel like I am always congested in my sinuses and nose. Especially at night. Anyone else experiencing that???? Please advise.

I guess that about wraps up week 12 only 71 more weeks to go!!!!

God Bless

Rare Cuts

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