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Hey Rparsons,

Hubby took is first shot of Peg-Intron .05 late afternoon yesterday. First Rebetrol pills last night. Luckily not bad yet. He did take reg. Tylenol 2 hours before injection and I kept it steady every 4 hours after until bedtime. He had mild aches and slight sweating no fever to speak of.

I've been getting conflicting information as far as tylenol too. I asked the nurse and she said that she recommends:
2 reg. strength tylenol 30min. before injection
Motrin 4 hours after that
2 Reg strenth Tylenol 30min. after that
Motrin within the 8 hour time period(alloted time for Motrin)
1 Tylenol PM at bedtime (within the 4 hour time-frame alloted for Tylenol)

She said she only recommends this the day of shot and day after. After that you can either take the 4 ex-strength tylenol or 6-8 regs the rest of the week. She did make a comment that since Hubbys liver is in good shape he can take more motrin throughout the week.

Bottom line is: if you can stand it, don't take anything as it's ALL filtered through the liver. Just my humble opinion.

Hope you feel better soon!

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