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Well howdy old freind,I also pray that your wife will be negative, I knew that your daughter, tested negative, outstanding, if you remember, my wife went though hell after I found out I tested positive, as she had blood transfusions a couple of years before, and a couple of years after, my transfusion, hers not a transfusion but 28 units of transfusions.

she tested positive, and we went though hell, but negative on second test, third positive, forth negative, as with all others, she was one of those fourtunates that their own body develops that mysterious anti- bodies for HCV, and she is virus free, so we know what you are going though.

Regardless, my point is we were so far up in odds it was unreal, the odds of your wife contacting it from you, [although a possiblity] or differently from you,at a different time, are very high, you have a better chance of winning that big lotto, or getting hit by lightning.

As for your Alt and Ast numbers, which are only a little higher than normal, and not really somthing to panic about, I would wait until next month, retest and see what they read then, those numbers jump around so much and have so many factors to do so,[having a cold, prescription drugs,chemical exposer, even pollution, etc], although above normal they are low, my ALT was over 275, just before taking Pegasys, which went down to 72 after the first week.

so do not worry, just retest in a month, and go from there, I wish you and yours the best, Take care of them all,
Be Positive, Be Well+

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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