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Well, here's a surprising twist to my story. (Are you there, Is It Real? Ought to be especially of interest to you!)

Had my consultation with doc today, now that all the data is in on my case. Here's my stats:

ALT - 19
AST - 25
Iron tests - all normal
Hep C viral load - 18,900,000 ml copies
Liver Biopsy - Stage 1 Grade 0 (my doc says my liver shows no sign of liver disease at all at this stage)
Genotype - 2b (yah -- didn't know that one till today)

Age 47, female, 5'4, 108 lbs, low fat/strict vegetarian diet and non-drinker for years.

Could have gotten 30 years ago from social intravenus drug use (although we sterilized between uses due to Hep scare then); could have been 20 years ago from previous financee; could have been 8 years ago from questionable sterilization practices of dentist office. Plus have recent tattoos, 6 ear piercings etc. No blood transfusions.

At any rate, much to my surprise my doc offered treatment to me today because I am a Geno 2b, which responds well to treatment (he said 80%, but I am a non-believer in a sustained cure at that %). I declined. But he said I should consider for these pluses: Geno 2b, no liver damage, female -- all equal good success rate. The negs are over 40, high viral load. But he was recommending it!

Well, there goes the theory about why docs don't offer treatment when you show no liver disease. He said he would not have suggested so strongly if I was Geno 1.

Anyway -- any comments out there? He caught me off guard with this suggestion. I am not planning on treatment -- told him I wanted to wait (since I can) for a better alternative treatment to come along that is 100% with no relapse and less sides (could be a long time away, huh?).

I possibly have had this for 30 years and still show no signs of symptoms or disease. I could be one of the ones that will never develop significant liver disease. He wants me back in 2 years for another biopsy ......

Your input would be tremendously appreciated!!!!

Keep your spirits and attitude HIGH!


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